Simple pleasures 簡單的樂趣

The great thing about food is there’s something for everyone – you can savour the most exquisite peaks of haute cuisine, or you can indulge in your childhood with mommy’s cooking.

Some people may think that good food is all about the best you can buy.

When I exchange money for food, I look at what one dollar can buy there, and the next place of the same type.  Quantity, quality, service, healthiness, environment.  A dollar ratio that expresses value for money.  Relative value, not absolute value, is the ultimate test.

(抱歉, 我中文還沒達到能翻譯上文的水平 – 除非有一位善良的朋友幫幫我…)

This was a popular local place on a side street in Sheung Wan serving mostly egg combo dishes.  Their signature dish, shrimp and egg rice (蝦仁炒蛋飯) sells out before 1pm, so I had to settle for the above char siu egg rice (叉燒蛋飯) – still good, but you can’t help wondering when you stare at the lucky few who managed to snare the coveted shrimpy prize…

I’ve forgotten the price but I think it was under $30.  No frills.  One downside though of a family run joint is that all the members pitch in, and the service from the grumpy old man could use a little work!

Don’t worry, I’m going to find out what this place is called, and review it for posterity. 😉

One thought on “Simple pleasures 簡單的樂趣

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