A slice of France in Fleur de Sel, Causeway Bay

Another European place named after a quality kitchen ingredient, fleur de sel (“flower of salt” in French) is a hand-harvested sea salt known for its delicate flavour.

It’s also one of the two crêperies I know about in HK so far, the other being La Crêperie in Wan Chai.  Apart from the dessert crepes that we all know, they specialise in savoury galettes (made from buckwheat flour) from the French region of Brittany.

In the heart of Causeway Bay, look up for an oasis.

The dim, cosy inside was a relaxing escape from the Causeway hustle, with a lazy ceiling fan and aircon that was very comfortable unlike most freezer malls (although it got a bit hot later on, as it was set at 28 degrees!).  The French staff were amiable and will joke around with you given the chance.  The music was strangely fast-paced but not very noticeable.

The first thing that greeted me when I sat down (my friends were early) was the lightly sweet, refreshing cidre de poire (pear cider)($158/bottle) we’d already ordered.  It’s traditional to eat Brittany crepes with cider, and they were appropriately the house speciality on the drinks menu.  Cuts through the summer heat perfectly.

Onto the main course.  I was quite happy with my La Toulouse ($94), which had nice saucisse fumée, emmental, moutarde de Meaux, et oignons (smoked sausage, Emmental cheese aka “Swiss cheese”, French mustard and onions).  I imagine the flavours in my head and was pleased to find out it melded great in real life, held together nicely by the soft, thin galette.  Plus it had the “recommended dish” symbol, usually a safe bet right?

The other “recommended” dish was the La Terre-neuve ($112) (aka “Newfoundland” in Canada – yes most of the galettes are place names), with saumon fumé, oeuf, crème fraîche et épinard (smoked salmon, egg, French soured cream and spinach).  I had a small bite and this one was more of a miss, as the salmon was a bit too hard, salty and fishy.  Egg and salmon are normally a good combo.  Oh well.

Finally I also tried some of the galette of the week ($94), being Emmental cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, eggs, and spinach.  Yes, it cheesed out my friend so much she couldn’t even enjoy what came next…

…dessert, which took up the second half of the menu!

La poire (pear crepe) with poires caramelisees a la lavande, glace creme brulee, sauce chocolat (caramelised pear with lavender, creme brulee ice cream and chocolate sauce)($68) was unfairly good.  Unfair cause it wasn’t mine!  Looks like I’m coming back for the full treatment next time.

Instead I’d ordered La Limoncello – crepe a la creme de citron, chamalow, sorbet passion-mangue et limoncello (lemon custard, marshmellow, mango-passionfruit sorbet with limoncello/lemon liqueur) ($98).  For some reason the mango-passionfruit sorbet turned into chocolate ice cream – from an earlier review from Openrice this wasn’t new.  Update the menu please!  I’m no chocoholic, but I’ll eat it.  The rest of it was a battle of sour vs sweet.  The lemon custard didn’t really do anything for me.  I think the pear crepe wins out here, and it’s $30 cheaper.  Props for the painstaking presentation though.

Gotta pair that dessert with some cidre doux, Kerisac (Kerisac sweet cider)($140), right?  The low alcohol content (same as the lightest of light beers) means you can wash down everything with a very slight buzz.  If we had more people I’d love to try the other two ciders (dry cider and cider with cassis).  There’s a reason it’s traditionally paired with galettes!

The balcony outside should be quite nice in fall/winter, assuming there’s no secondhand smoke.

I have to say something about La Crêperie.  Having tried to get in once or twice for lunch and failing, upon getting a seat I was kind of disappointed at the really salty galette.  The service was OK, nothing spectacular either.  Maybe that’s what over-demand does to you.

Oh and after the crepes, we still went and had Chinese dessert at 聰嫂私房甜品 at the bottom of Holiday Inn Express.

Total was $840, or $280 each.  Pretty similar pricing to La Crêperie.  Everything was pretty reasonable – you just have to order right.

By the way for all you Centralites, they’re opening a new Soho branch on Graham Street soon.  Worth a try?

Restaurant rating: NOM NOM NOM N-

Opening hours: Tue-Sun noon-11pm

Address: Shop 2J, Po Foo Building, Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣富明街1號寶富大樓2樓J室

Tel: 2805 6678

Web: Openrice English, Openrice 中文, lots of pics of their crepes, showcase of seven interesting things in Po Foo Building

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