Central Lunch Series: Casa Lisboa, LKF Tower

Maybe you want something different from the usual Central lunchtime fare.  Maybe you’re still missing that traditional Portuguese food you had last weekend in Macau.  Maybe you can try this place, from the people that brought us Ole Spanish Restaurant & Wine Bar, another nice Mediterranean place.


The space is bright and clean, and the entrance has a tiled floor that whisks you away to cobblestoned Europe.

set lunch

Set lunch: $180.  With most mains starting at $200+, even with an accordingly reduced portion size I feel this is a great deal that you should seal.


The warm bread arrives and already you’re spoilt for choice, with butter, cheese or fish paste to go with it; the fish being that Macanese staple, salted cod a.k.a. bacalhau / 馬介休.  Some Openrice reviewers guessed it was sardine or tuna fish.  I just, you know, asked the (patient) waitress.  With the very mild soft cheese not adding much taste, I preferred the old school butter, but the salty fish paste may also make a change and tingle your tastebuds.

seafood cream soup

My friend’s seafood cream soup (香濃海鮮湯) with herbs and clams (not shown here) was, according to her, simple and tasty.

chicken salad

My chicken salad with thyme, dry tomato and garlic mayonnaise (百里香鮮雞沙律) was also pretty good.  As the chicken meat was lean (but thankfully not approaching dryness), it relied somewhat on the garlic mayo for flavour.

suckling pig

Both of us wisely went for the iconic and universally acclaimed roasted suckling pig Bairrada style (葡式烤乳豬).  Excellent choice, sir.  The thin, crispy skin covered some tender, juicy flesh that was roasted just enough.  The accompanying rice, glistening with oil, was fried with some sausage bits and was also fragrant.  The mini waffle fries added some crunch and finished off the ensemble nicely.  Only downside is as everything is oily it might leave you feeling heavy.   The orange slice helps slightly in cutting through the fat.



And of course, dessert.  Serradura (“sweetened biscuit with egg & cream”) (木槺布甸) or literally “sawdust pudding”  is one of my favourite Western desserts.  Here it was light and creamy, which is how I liked it after a heavy main.  Could’ve used a bit more biscuit crumbs but still enjoyable.

After enjoying the tea/coffee, I was stuffed.  (Note: by the time I wrote this, I’d gone back for lunch again and had the grilled Portuguese chicken – also very good, but being what seemed like half a small chicken I was positively bloated!)

Service was helpful and polite.  I remember the second time I went, the waiter smiling as he brought out that grilled chicken: “You’re really going to enjoy yourself now, sir.”   If only everyone could be as into their jobs as him.

The final bill was $396, or $198 each.  For the quality AND quantity of food, as well as the service and surroundings, it’s a very decent choice in the Central area, helped by the fact that if you want authentic Portuguese, there isn’t much else!  For a more relaxed pace to take in all the flavourful foods, you can also try dinner.  All in all a great experience and a great deal in the heart of LKF.  What more can you ask for?

Restaurant rating: NOM NOM NOM NOM N- (4.5/5)

Address: 8/F, Lan Kwai Fong Tower, 55 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central 中環蘭桂坊德己立街55號LKF Tower 8樓

Opening hours: Mon-Sat noon – 3pm, 6:30pm – midnight

Tel: 2905 1168

Web: official, Openrice English, Openrice 中文Gourmet KC 賞味隨筆 (中文) reviewHK Magazine reviewHK Tatler reviewHungry HK review, Steph’s 852 Diary review

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